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The Technology Acquisition Process for Hospitals

In a world that is constantly growing demands for technology hospitals are often faced with requests for equipment that are far higher than their budget for capital. It can be difficult to pick wisely, and a medical facility must ensure that its capital budget is dependent on its financial capability and its clinical and operational requirements. It must also be able to maintain, manage and upgrade equipment throughout its life.

The goal identification phase of the process of acquiring technology is to determine an individual’s requirements. They will usually determine the type of technology that is being explored, for instance, devices with specific capabilities or features or the design of device desired.

After establishing the objectives then a thorough description must be provided of the activities and the application environment to assist in choosing the right devices. Specific characteristics of diagnostic software and specialized testing equipment must be defined. Additionally technical support needs to be negotiated.

The acquisition is officially recognized once the contract has been signed. The acquirer ceases to exist as a separate entity and its employees become part of the acquired firm. The details of this transition can vary and can include the conversion of equity into new shares (often that are vested over a period of time) and a retention bonus, usually structured as cash or new equity, depending on the conditions of the acquisition agreement.